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Our Vision

When we opened Redbourn Park, our aim was to provide a positive place for students with complex needs to come and thrive.

We give staff the scope to figure out the best ways to support each child and support them towards their potential. 

Our Founders

Richard, Gavin and Tom founded Redbourn Park to help those most in need. 

They know each other through rugby, and carry a lot of the same values into everything they do: from working hard to creating a spirit and community that focuses on doing our very best and supporting one another to reach our potential.


Richard has worked in SEN for nearly 20 years and before founding Redbourn Park, was a head teacher in other Outstanding Independent SEN schools. 

Richard is head of the governing body and oversees the school, therapy and general operations.


Gavin has worked in schools, around sports and with families all of his career.

Gavin oversees the outreach program, supports transitions and plays a key role in interventions. He works closely with our therapy team and helps the day to day at the school.


Tom has worked within the building industry and leads on managing, maintaining and project managing all elements of buildings.

He also leads on finding new sites and is often supporting at the school or around the therapy hubs.  

Our Senior Leaders

Sarah, Clinical Lead

Sarah is a dramatherapist with experience leading on the therapeutic practice and approaches within educational settings. She is highly committed to ensuring children receive the best care possible, and goes above and beyond to make sure the school is always meeting the needs of the children.

Sarah enjoys working closely with families to ensure that they are receiving the support that is needed and wanted, as well as training staff on key therapeutic approaches and providing therapy for both adults and children. She has a depth of experience in liaising with professionals and external organisation to organise, develop and deliver support. She is always available to staff to review student needs and interventions, ensuring we are continually reflecting on best practice.

Sarah is passionate about mental health and the importance of self-care, leading on therapy to ensure a consistent, robust and supportive therapy practice. She plays a key role in supporting staff wellbeing as well as leading on overall practice for the organisation.

Steve, Executive Head

Steve stands as the Executive Headteacher at the helm of educational innovation, driven by a commitment to crafting tailored, personalised learning opportunities for every child entrusted to his care. 

His dedication particularly shines in his support for vulnerable and neurodivergent children, for whom he tirelessly works to secure the best possible outcomes in life. Steve holds a core belief that every child is deserving of the chance to flourish and succeed, and he channels this belief into action through personalised support and guidance. He spearheads a team that embraces a therapeutic approach to education and development, aiming to unlock the full potential of each student.

Steve's ambition for the success of his students and their families knows no limits. He firmly believes that, given the right opportunities and support, every child can attain excellence. Echoing his conviction, he often says, "Every child can make excellent progress; they just need the right chance and the right people with them," a mantra that encapsulates his approach to education and leadership.

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