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What we do

We develop programs for children struggling in school or who are out of education. It is for anyone, typically organised through the local authority or their current school.

This can consist of single interventions, such as therapy across a half term. Or it can be a combined and bespoke program with several different layers of input including tuition, therapy, wellbeing sessions, horse riding, animal care, music, sensory sessions and more.

Our specialist teacher or tutor can deliver adapted sessions that focus learning on specific areas. This can be used to assess gaps in learning as well as build confidence and knowledge in key areas to prepare the child for their next phase of education.

The specialist tutor is often best used to design and deliver an intervention program, bringing all of our services together


Therapy takes on several forms. Art, drama, play, talking therapy can be offered to explore, understand and support their needs.


We also have access to Occupational and Speech & Language therapies which are typically available as assessment or via observations and interventions as part of tuition.


We offer sessions with our team that focus on a child's wellbeing. This could be social visits, horse riding/stables, climbing, trips, experiences or as simple as getting to know a new adult through safe activities they prefer.


This is often a key component of supporting a child into school or accessing other services.


We also have a range of activities focused on wellbeing that are outside of the norm.

Accessing our local stables with support, bespoke art sessions, music sessions and much more provide a highly enriching and confidence building experience.

Muisic, sensory, stables, art & more

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