Staff team



Founder, Proprietary Body Chair, Head Teacher & DSL

Richard is the visionary and founder of Redbourn Park. He is an experienced headteacher with a BSc in Psychology, MA in Educational Leadership and QTS. He has worked within Oustanding teams to set up, lead and develop SEMH, ASD, and complex needs provisions.

Being able to open Redbourn Park is a culmination of years of work and passion. He is very proud of the team that has come together to make it a reality.



Founding Director

Gavin is a founding director and owns Apex Multisports, South Herts. Apex runs primary sports, school lunch and after school clubs as well as events and holiday clubs. His always positive attitude, infectious personality and willingness to go above and beyond to help those around him embody the culture of Redbourn Park School perfectly.

He brings his personality, sports coaching background and team working skills to the school to the great benefit of everyone at Redbourn Park.

Tom & Mabel


Founding Director & School Dog

Tom is a founding director and a key part of the team that set up the school. He worked in construction, estimating and project management, and leads the school in these areas. His unwavering calmness, selflessness, and can-do attitude are huge assets to the leadership of the school.

Mabel is Richard's dog and joins us on site most days. She is a French Bulldog, born March 2021 and is by far the cutest member of the team.



Head of School, DDSL & SENCo

Caroline is an experienced SENCo, with a degree in education and a diploma in specific learning difficulties (SpLD). She has a depth of teaching experience in primary schools with roles including head of English, dyslexia specialist, and outreach advisory teacher.

She is endlessly positive and compassionate about the students and families she works with. She is extremely excited to be able to lead a school that is able to be flexible in its effort to meet every student's needs.



Site Co-ordinator, Teacher (UQ)

Helen has a range and depth of experience working with children and families. She has a foundation degree alongside having completed a number of courses on supporting complex needs. She has worked with children in and out of school settings and her experience includes working with complex SEN needs, leading nurture groups, implementing support plans and working closely with families.

She brings her resilience, empathy, and keenness to overcome any challenge to the school and teaching team.


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Music & Spanish

Claudia is a music specialist who brings an incredibly gentle and therapuetic approach to our students. She has a depth of experience working with children and her keen observations and empathy allow her to create sessions that adapt to each child or group that she works with. 


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Becca has an incredibly calm, professional and kind manner makes her perfect to work in our environment. She has added to the team on several levels and works closely with students 1:1 or in small groups on both their personal development and academic progress.



Tutor & Sports Teacher (UQ)

Matt has a strong background in sports and also working with a range of needs. He helped set up the school site and played a key role in supporting students since opening. He cares deeply about the school, students and seeing them gain every opportunity possible through a meaningful school experience that is tailored to their needs. 



Head of Therapy

Sarah is a dramatherapist with experience leading on the therapeutic practice and approaches within educational settings.

Sarah enjoys working closely with families to ensure that they are receiving the support that is needed and wanted, as well as training staff on key therapeutic approaches and providing therapy for both adults and children.

Sarah is passionate about mental health and the importance of self-care, leading on therapy to ensure a consistent, robust and supportive therapy practice.



Speech and Language Therapist

Rosie is part of Magic Words Therapy team and joined the school in September 2021. At Magic Words Therapy, we pride ourselves on being a warm, cohesive, and collaborative team of individuals who share a pioneering spirit and a dedication to being the best we can be for our clients.

Rosie understands being a Speech and Language Therapist is about building relationships, self-esteem, and confidence, teaching skills, and introducing personalised methods to communicate, giving someone a ‘voice'. Every client is an individual and is treated as one in order to reach their goals and to support them in however they choose to communicate. 



Occupational Therapist & Sensory Integration practitioner

I have completed post graduate training in sensory integration and have worked in both public and private roles across a range of settings.

As well as my professional knowledge and skills, I also bring my personal experience of being a mum to a child with Down’s syndrome and a child with ASD, both with sensory processing difficulties. I work in collaboration with children and parents to provide meaningful support to achieve positive outcomes.

Our ability to process sensory information, make sense of the world around us and feel safe and regulated, is the foundation for all other learning and activities within our lives. I am passionate about supporting children and young people to develop independence around their sensory needs and levels of regulation.