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Welcome to
Redbourn Park

We are a small organisation who support children with autism and complex needs.

We are building a strong community who focus on very simple aims that include helping everyone we meet to reach their potential and to do the very best job we can.

Child Therapy

Therapeutic support

Therapeutic support underpins how we approach every session, lesson or situation at Redbourn Park. The simple process is first to make the child feel safe, then to empathise and meet them where they are, and only once all of that is secure, then try to explore, learn or build resilience.  Every student is different and requires positive relationships and understanding of needs to allow teachers to create and adapt interesting and enriching sessions. 


Psychotherapy at Redbourn Park School takes the form of a child-led therapeutic provision, with a creative arts-based approach. Students' are able to use the time to express thoughts and feelings within a contained and safe environment, promoting the development of a positive therapeutic relationship.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy forms a key part of our team, providing regular and consistent monitoring of identified areas of need. Students receive an observational assessment early in their journey which, alongside the EHCP, provides a term by term plan for supporting each student with their sensory, physical and practical needs, removing blocks to learning and development through the therapeutic use of everyday activities. Students may receive a sensory diet plan, regular weekly occupational therapy sessions and practical strategies for both home, school and the wider community.

Speech & language

Speech and language therapy is integral within our therapeutic approach; our speech and language therapist works holistically with each student, both individually and within small groups, to help develop key social, communication and language skills. Speech and language therapy is offered to all and regular assessments and monitoring ensures that the support received is beneficial to their progression across all areas of development. 


We monitor and support the progress of each student across all areas of development. Assessments are offered in a way that aims to reduce any potential increase of anxiety or stress. All therapeutic input is documented within therapy reports for each specialism, including targets, progress, interventions and key strategies. 

Family Support

At Redbourn Park school, we recognise the importance of family and we understand that parent/carer support can be essential in supporting the relationship to be as strong and resilient as possible. We offer a range of parent support: 1:1 therapeutic support, as well as additional workshops and training to support continued knowledge building and sharing. It is our aim for parents to feel supported and to not feel alone when faced with ongoing challenges. 


For referrals or more information email 


Our outreach services are aimed at supporting local authorities, schools and families with children who are struggling to access and succeed in education. We offer single session blocks, such as solely providing therapy or tuition, but most commonly we put together support packages which have a much greater impact.

Our specialist teachers focus first on engagement and building relationships before working on academic focuses and emotional and wellbeing challenges. The overall aim is to continue social and emotional development, support wellbeing and set children up for success in whatever the next step of their journey looks like. 

For referrals or more information, email 

Supporting children with autism & complex needs

Our Schools

We currently have two registered provisions. We have a Key Stage 2 for children 7-11 and this is located in Grovehill. We also have a Key Stage 3, for hcildren 11-14 which is located in Gaddesden Row.

Our executive head teacher is Steve, who overseas both sites alongside site leads.

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